“Designing experiences that bring your story to life”

Process is our brand

We call it design craftsmanship. A way of seeing and working, an attitude of focused passion that drives everything we do. This results in a disciplined, hands-on process that delivers smooth, seamless project development through all phases – from concept and architectural drawings to opening day and beyond. It’s a meticulous, one-decision-at-a-time system that allows us to manage the minutest details while still keeping our eye on the big strategic picture. Ensuring your dreams go according to plan, on time and every time.

Imagination shaped by experience

For years, we’ve collaborated with clients to create immersive entertainment experiences that bring their brand story to life. Touching lives and thrilling audiences at theme parks, attractions, destinations, exhibits and shows around the world. Our design team – working in concert with architects, builders, game-designers, digital media stars and other bleeding-edge technologists and fabricators—move with care through each phase of the process, devoting the utmost craft and attention to the brand experience we’re building. The result: guests who can’t wait to return, and clients who keep coming back.

The creative fire to power any project

We’ve assembled a world-class team. Devoted artists and artisans who love the magic of a well-designed story and thrive on finding new ways of evoking wonder. These are seasoned professionals with the vision to dream it, the discipline to design it, and the passion to make it a reality. Whatever the scale, space or specs. We’re proud of both the people they are and the work they do. We think you will be, too.

Partnering with you

Working with brands in the gaming industry to develop cutting-edge attractions using VR, AR and MR. The attraction to the left is based on Valve’s award-winning game, Portal.

Elevating timeless design through innovation

Based on our team’s extensive experience, we utilize innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology to create attractions that go beyond the boundaries of time.

Designing global relationships

We’ve partnered with companies worldwide, from Dubai to downtown Burbank.

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